e-JOE For Commercial And Industrial Use

Every day more companies are discovering the enormous benefits of electric bikes. Whether for door to door home deliveries, cross-campus commuting, warehouse or plant security sweeps, or messenger service in urban areas electric bikes are fast becoming the transportation of choice. In addition to being environmentally friendly, today’s businesses are saving time, money and maintenance by replacing their traditional 4-wheeled fleets with reliable ebikies and e-trikes.

A growing number of companies are offering their employees special deals on ebikes to help shorten their daily commute, save money and get healthy. Let your staff know how much you appreciate them and encourage a greener lifestyle at the same time… offer e-JOE electric bikes at your workplace!

Special Pricing and Service

As an exclusive benefit for businesses purchasing a fleet of eJoe ebikes, we will offer deep discounts up to the dealer’s wholesale cost on qualifying fleet purchase orders. In addition, e-JOE will arrange for dedicated service and support for fleet ebikes within a reasonable distance of a local authorized e-JOE dealer.

Contact us for a price quote and more details about the e-JOE’s fleet program for Industrial and Commercial use.