5 Reasons To Get An E-Bike

Have you considered getting an e-bike? Lots of people think it would be cool but aren’t sure if it’s worth it. The truth is there are plenty of reasons to get an e-bike but we think we can convince you in five.


Travel further and faster

With a motor to give you some extra juice, you can pedal longer than ever before. The ability to go up to 45 miles per charge and cruise at a max speed of 25 mph is an unbeatable experience. Ride up hills easily, go through headwinds effortlessly, and see where the road takes you.


Almost everyone can ride one

Physical limitations are an unfortunate part of life. But whenever possible, that shouldn’t keep anyone from getting outside and living an active lifestyle. People have purchased e-bikes as a way to get healthy exercise without too much intensity. Yes, e-bikes have a motor, but riders can choose how much power they need, which allows them to safely exercise at an appropriate pace.


Go eco-friendly

It’s no surprise that cars emit way more CO2 than e-bikes. If you care about your carbon footprint, using an e-bike for transportation is the obvious choice. In fact, even electric cars produce more CO2 than e-bikes.

Not to mention the fact that you’ll save money too. Electric bikes cost about 8 cents per 25 miles of use, while a car can cost $2 over the same distance.


Choose your effort level

E-bikes allow you to choose your effort level. Don’t feel like pedaling that much today? No problem. Turn down the motor-assist if you want a workout or turn it up to ride without breaking a sweat. Ride your e-bike anywhere without getting sweaty and out of breath.


They are really fun

The difference between a regular bike and an e-bike is night and day. You’ll notice it immediately. The fun factor is huge and might be the main reason so many people ride e-bikes every day. The fun and freedom of riding an e-bike are unparalleled.

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