eJOE electric bikes are geared toward different kinds of activities, such as commuting, traveling, relaxed cruising, aerobic exercising, etc. There is some variation within the models to accommodate any preferences. If you are looking to commute, EPIK models have all you need to be equipped for the streets and for compact storage. JADE comfort cruiser has a convenient step-through frame, a full set of accessories, and a cushier saddle, which are friendlier for people looking for a more relaxed ride. If you plan to ride longer distances, climb hills, and work a bit to get in better shape, but you still want to be comfortable, ONYX e-bike is a perfect fit.

To help you choose the right model and get familiar with other features, read the descriptions below:

EPIK Swan, EPIK Carbon, and EPIK SE Electric Folding Bikes
Versatile, powerful, and well-balanced, EPIK Bikes are built with portability and simplicity in mind. Riders will travel far and fast on these e-bikes, powered by a 500-watt motor and efficient 7-speed transmission. E-bikes come with a long-lasting 48v Li-ion battery providing up to 40 miles of travel depending on terrain and rider’s weight. Perfect for the everyday commute, easy transportation, and compact storage.

JADE Step-Thru Comfort Cruiser

eJOE JADE with iconic Dutch Step-Thru style is designed for comfortable riding and will get compliments on every corner. 5 levels of pedal assist and smooth throttle are perfect for those of us who have to face a few climbs on the morning commute or while cruising around town. Carefully selected components, such as an adjustable handlebar, lights, fenders, and a rear rack to carry necessities, make the bike outperform higher-end models.

ONYX Sports Class Commuter

Feature-rich eJOE ONYX brings together best in class sports performance under $2,000. We call it our sports class commuter because it combines 8-speed transmission harnessing a 1000-watt high performance geared rear hub motor. ONYX gives you the style and performance of a sports model with the practicality of an all-purpose, all-terrain commuter.