Did you know that e-bikes can make it possible for couples to cycle together – sometimes for the first time ever? There are many couples who would love to go for a bike ride together, but their cycling abilities are so different that it just doesn’t work. This post contains a video that shows how an e-bike solved this problem for our friends, Amanda and Wayne Smith. It also contains three case studies that show how e-bikes can help couples to ride bikes together.

This post plus video offers advice on how to choose a folding e-bike. Folding e-bikes have the advantage that they are easy to transport and store. And like other e-bikes, they help you up those hills!

Bulls Bikes integrates Fazua Evation Drive System in three upcoming models for optimal assistance and a pure riding experience Now Available for Pre-Order, the Fazua Drive System Comes Equipped on Three E-bikes BULLS Bikes USA, a global leader in the mountain, gravel, and e-bike categories, has just announced the pre-order availability of three BULLS Bikes containing