Authorized dealers

Use the map below to locate authorized eJOE Bike dealers near you. No dealers in your area? No worries! Our electric bikes can be purchased directly on our website or online from one of our trusted dealers listed below. For your protection, it is always best to purchase eJOE products from authorized resellers listed on this page. This ensures the quality of your products and warranty protection. Check back regularly to see if we’ve added a new dealer in your neighborhood.

If you would like to find more information regarding a specific reseller or a product, feel free to contact us here. We will be happy to assist!


For over 10 years, eJOE has built strong relationships with brick-and-mortar and online bike shops and continues to support their businesses. Selling eJOE Electric Bikes is an easy way to distinguish your offerings from the competition, seize opportunities, and increase your sales. If you have the passion for the electric bike industry and business acumen to grow and nurture our brand, submit your request today by filling out the form below.

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