How Many Calories can you Burn on an Electric Bike?

How Many Calories can you Burn on an Electric Bike?

Ever wondered, how many calories can you burn on an electric bike? Well, here’s the answer – and it will most likely surprise you! This post shows some surprising stats about how many calories are burned on an electric bike. It also highlights recent research which proves the health benefits of pedelec electric bikes.

15 excellent reasons to get an electric bike. I wanted to make this a list of 10, but there are just so many great reasons to get an electric bike that I could not stop at 10. Reasons for getting an ebike range from having fun to getting fit to … getting to work!

Do you really need bicycle insurance for your e-bike? If you have an e-bike and you like to cycle, the answer is yes, you do need bicycle insurance. Especially if you spent quite a lot of money on your e-bike. Which many of us do! It’s a common misconception that home or contents insurance will 

Blix, one of the fastest growing ebike companies in the USA, has just announced multiple updates across their lineup of city, cruiser, cargo and folding ebikes. New upgrades provide better performance, increased power and range, improved riding experience with high-performance brakes, increased tire sizes for safe and comfortable riding and a wide selection of new colors.

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